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San Antonio Radio Club


The San Antonio Radio Club (SARC) conducts classes for unlicensed people to get their first license, Technician, or for licensed hams to upgrade to General or Amateur licenses.  All Classes meet on consecutive Saturdays for 8 hours.

The Technician and General Classes meet for three (3) consecutive Saturdays while the Amateur Extra Classes meet for four (4) consecutive Saturdays.  All classes end on the last Saturday with an official amateur radio licensing test session conducted by the Volunteer Examiners Committee of SARC.

The recommended study material are the books by Gordon West, W5YI, who is a noted ham radio operator and instructor.  The books are available at www.w5yI.org or at Amazon.  The cost of this material varies by license type.

All classes are free, but the test session by the Volunteer Examiners does cost $15.00 per session.  The $15.00 fee is authorized by the FCC to cover the costs of administering the tests.

Information on upcoming classes is included in the Bexar Wire newsletter as demand is identified and classes are scheduled.